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The perfect statement gift  for the activist in your life.

This box has been designed to hold fun things with inspiring messages for you to enjoy, share and be motivated by:


This 14oz mug will remind you every single day to wake up and react!  Dishwasher and microwave safe.  Use your beverage of choice.  Avoid anything bitter.


This flat, woven 100% cotton bandana is designed with protesting in mind!  Wear it on your head or fly it like a flag.  The message is clear, RESIST!


Every day be inspired as you open your fridge door!  Take these messages to heart and channel your activism daily.


To the founders of the Pink Pussyhat Project!  We salute you!  This token will remind you every day of what three women - Kat, Krista and Jayne have been able to accomplish.  100% hand knitted in Iowa City Iowa.


Use this to express your agreement or disagreement, become an activist eery day for your cause!