Marcia Rogers is the designer behind RESISTinabox. Design is her passion, not her profession!

Political activist, political consultant, mother, business owner, grandmother, community leader, philanthropist.

Started a nautical clothing company in the early 90’s in New Zealand that she ran for a number of years. Design is an expression and no better time than now to design something with RESISTANCE at its core.

RESISTinabox is designed for fun, for retail, as a way to continue the dialogue and as a gift giving opportunity for the activist in your life! RESISTinabox provided an important creative outlet at a critically important political time.

Marcia currently runs a consulting firm called North Shore LLC. Along with her team, she leads political campaigns that are issue based, such as library referendums and various other city, county and state initiatives. Based in Cedar Rapids, her work has taken her to different parts of the country, but there is no better place than Iowa to be politically active. Iowa is the first state in the nation to hold presidential caucuses, and Marcia hosted Hillary Clinton’s first house party for the 2007 caucuses, and continued to be a stalwart supporter throughout both campaigns. Her oldest son holds full time political office in Iowa.

Marcia wanted the contents to be both fun and relative to the times. She put out the word to hire knitters and many terrific Iowans responded! Their stories of resistance will grace the pages of our blog, because they are important to the development of this box! Marcia wanted to pay tribute to the women who founded The Pink Pussyhat Project and movement in time for the January 21 women’s march in Washington.

DISCUSS Pink Pussyhats! Finger puppets! Brooch, pin, keychain.

RESIST Pink Pussyhat pencil tip covers with thematic pencils.